Training & Development

  • Full Training We train competitive & classical dressage horses and riders from start through Grand Prix or Haute Ecole and Airs. Our training programs are tailored toward you and your horse, and we help you set goals for the short and long term. Full training includes 5 times per week where David can include a mix of lessons where you ride your horse.
  • Half Training Half training is also available with 3 rides per week.
  • Young Horse Development Training young horses and starting them under saddle at FLD offers you and your horse the best possible beginning- a solid foundation on which to build. Whether you have a three or four year old you would like to begin riding, or an older horse that needs a re-start, training by FLD is an investment in your horse's future- as well as in your own. Videos
  • Trailer-in Lessons We offer the option of booking trailer-in lessons. Amateurs, juniors, professionals and event riders looking to improve their dressage are welcomed!
  • Consignment We offer sales and consignment opportunities on a limited basis. Our networking & marketing sales plans are an excellent option for those who need assistance in selling.
  • Show Coaching & Training FLD plans and attends USDF and select breed shows. We provide training and coaching for the competitive rider.
  • Clinics We can travel to your facility locally or long distant for the day or a weekend. Call us for more information.
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