French Light Dressage: Competitive and Classical Dressage Training For Horse and Rider

Equestrian trainer David Donnelly of French Light Dressage brings over 30 years of experience training classical and competitive dressage horses and riders from start through all movements of the Haute Ecole or Grand Prix. David trains with a holistic combination of the French classical and modern schools. Use of correct gymnastic lungeing, work in hand, slow correct work in pillars, and riding with a primary focus on lightness and relaxed responsiveness makes French Light Dressage a proactive choice for owners. Horses experience correct progressive development. Riders develop sophistication, harmony, and progress in their own riding experience.

David is available for clinics nationally, and training on a limited basis in the Upstate South Carolina area including Polk County NC. Please explore our website, and call to learn more about our services which include beginner through advanced lesson programs. We look forward to supporting you, and learning more about you, your horse, and how we can help you accomplish your goals!